The Wilmette Harbor Club, located north of Chicago on Lake Michigan, includes a clubhouse with both indoor and outdoor dining, a gas dock, and mooring for several hundred boats. Since 1929 the Wilmette harbor's Sheridan Shore Yacht Club has hosted sailboat fleet racing during the summer months. Wilmette harbor is also home to the Sheridan Shore Sailing School for both adults and children.

Wilmette Harbor Club

45th Annual Scotty Rolston Fishing Derby

Mother Nature cooperated with a great day for the 45th Annual Scotty Rolston Fishing Derby. However, the fish did not cooperate as we hoped. 13 boats participated from the harbor:

  • 11 power boats and 2 sailboats.
  • 14 total fish were caught:
    • 5 - Coho Salmon
    • 1 - King Salmon
    • 3 - Steelhead Trout and
    • 5 - Lake Trout
  • 6 out of 13 boats ran out of time (e.g. did not land a fish).
  • On Deck Circle 2 (Raul Babolea) won Biggest Fish with a 14.3 lbs Lake Trout
  • Phish On (Mike Oseland) won Most Fish with 3 total fish (2 - Coho Salmon and 1 - Steelhead Trout)
    • It was a tie between Jaws (Bill Strnad) & Phish On, both boats caught 3 fish and had 4 people fishing so the tie breaker was total weight, Phish On 10.46 lbs vs. Jaws 8.41 lbs)
Story of the Derby
One of the sailboats, Sea Glass, had a big King Salmon that got off when it wouldn’t fit in the net, lure got caught in the net and it unbuttoned . . . to be caught another day.
Despite difficult fishing conditions, and peeling cottonwood off lines, it was a gorgeous day on the lake and we all got to spend time together doing what we love.
Cheers to all the participants!
 45th rolston fishing derby45th Rolston Fishing Derby