Wilmette Harbor Club has attracted so many interesting characters over the years. Jim Tingey is certainly one of our treasures.

Harbor staff contributing to an NBC news article on boat safety.

The Department of Natural Resources is no longer sending out watercraft renewal notices.  Time to check if your watercraft registration is current.

Wilmette Harbor Club now has a Ship's Store display case in the downstairs lounge.  All new stock is in, come get some merchandise!  We have plenty.

Wilmette Harbor Club

Wilmette Harbor Club is a member of the Yachting Club of America. Among the many benefits of membership is access to the register of member clubs which includes information on reciprocal rights. Another highlight of visiting other Yacht Clubs is doing a burgee exchange.

Mother' Day Brunch is my favorite event at lovely Wilmette Harbor Club on Lake Michigan. This picture is my first Mother's Day Brunch in 1994. I haven't missed a year since!

Buccaneer's Club

The rich history of Wilmette Harbor Club is captured in a pictorial history book titled Wilmette's Nautical History, prepared by a 60th Anniversary Committee in 1982 consisting of David C. Leach, Rollie B. Schmitt, and Roland D. Bautzmann. One of the more captivating stories is that of the Buccaneer's Club. Here is the chapter on the subject!